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Fetal Region of Interest (ROI) Templates
Resting State fMRI Templates

Click here to download templates for resting state fMRI

Open Science Framework (OSF)

Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free open source and project management tool offered through the Center for Open Science (COS).

Our COPE project materials are shared openly as a resource for other researchers through OSF 


The COVGEN alliance brings together a network of researchers across the globe with a shared focus in the development of the COVID-19 generation. Click here to learn more about the COVGEN alliance and connect with other COVID-19 researchers.


Our team uses Twilio as a tool for online survey distribution. Click here to learn more about Twilio product offerings. To receive a $10 account credit, sign up or upgrade with our referral link.

Open source resource

A (searchable) resource for graduate student (Master’s and doctoral) and postdoctoral funding can be found using this link

Additional Resources

Check out our All About MRI  page for information to share with parents before conducting an MRI

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